Our detailed project descriptions are still in development. In the meantime, we are happy to provide a partial list of clients that Castle Associates has served in the past five years, with a summary of the work performed for each client. Personal references to representatives of most of these companies can be provided on request.

Multinational Translation Companies (UK, France, Netherlands, USA)

In addition to our direct clients, some of which are listed below, Castle Associates is a preferred Spanish-language contractor to several of the world’s most important international translation firms, located in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and throughout the United States. Work performed for these companies is confidential, but includes many millions of words of translation for immediately recognizable companies in the automotive, aircraft, legal, insurance, financial services, health care, and many other fields.


Some of our direct clients during the past five years have been:

Agilant (Phoenix, Arizona, USA)

Spanish and Portuguese translations of on-line training materials for one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer networking hardware.

Allbee Green (Orem, Utah, USA)

Translation and recording of voice-overs for this graphic design and trade-show firm, for one of the world’s most important networking software developers.

Boon (Arizona, USA)

Creation of instruction sheets in many languages for unique household products.

Brainstorm (Orem, Utah, USA)

Reference manuals in French, German, and Spanish for users of a major “groupware” solution.

Bridgepoint System (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA)

Spanish translation of product labels for a multitude of industrial cleaning products.

Central Utah Water Conservancy District (Provo, Utah, USA)

Consumer information sheets and bulletins with tips for conserving water.

Crestec (Los Angeles, California)

Spanish translation, for the US market, of a wide variety of products marketed by Japanese companies, including automobile owners’ manuals and instructions for a large variety of electronic and health-care products.

Dario Salas Institute (New York, NY)

English-language translations of education materials authored by Chilean hermetic philosopher Darío Salas Sommer.

Daw Construction Group (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Spanish employee and safety manuals.

DecisionWise (Provo, Utah)

Management consulting surveys and presentations intended to give feedback on the effectiveness of management. Translations provided into 22 languages, including many Western European, Slavic, and Far Eastern languages.

Financial Freedom (Orem, Utah)

Spanish versions, for the US market, of educational materials for persons seeking to eliminate personal debt and gain mastery of their financial future.

Heritage Schools (Orem, Utah)

Employee manual and all job descriptions, in Spanish, for a private girls’ school.

International Industrial Training (Provo, Utah)

Spanish localization of an extensive on-line course in hydraulics.

Itera (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Translation into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese for a major player in the field of high-availability systems software.

Mental Health Foundation (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Spanish translations of handbooks to be used by clergy of various faiths in assisting persons with mental illnesses and addictions.

Meyer and Liechty (Lindon, Utah)

We help this internationally-known public relations and graphic design firm with translation into up to 20 different languages, for a wide variety of clients.

Power-Glide Corporation (Provo, Utah)

Castle Associates developed the content of a popular on-line Spanish course used to prepare American high school students to take the Spanish Advanced Placement examination to earn college credit in Spanish.

PowerQuest (now part of Symantec) (Orem, Utah)

French, German, Italian, and Spanish translations for well-known hard disk and system utility software programs, including software localization and testing, and translation of manuals.

Stryker (Kalamazoo, Michigan)

Castle Associates translated management assessment surveys into about 20 languages. In addition, we translated ten business cases from the Harvard Business School into Japanese for a Stryker-sponsored seminar for visiting Japanese executives.

Utah Family Center (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Spanish translation of a web site designed to assist Spanish-speaking parents in preparing their pre-school children for school attendance.

Utah County Sheriff (Utah County, Utah)

Transcription and translation of police interviews conducted in criminal cases.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center (Provo, Utah)

Patient instruction sheets.

Wahoo (Pleasant Grove, Utah)

Translated the French, German, and Italian versions of a unique video game called

“Planet Kaloki”.

Won-Door (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Spanish, French, and Italian translation of the extensive web site of the world’s leading manufacturer of accordion-style doors and space dividers.


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